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Intercultural Communication

Bringing People Together

We Have a New Website! 

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Bridge Building Tools & Techniques!

A language is not just a system of rules -

People use language to do things with other people.  

It's a social skill - like dancing:

You have to practice the steps until they become natural. 

Language Tutors Experience a Multilingual, Multilevel Relationship Building Activity
Portland Literacy Council - Volunteer Literacy Tutor Conference "A Reality-Based Curriculum"
March 10th, 2012 Reed College

Our Certificate program will give you the skills to be an Awesome Teacher with on-site practice in Community Settings. 

Learn how to bring people together through language and culture sharing! 

Our approach emphasizes real-world language and cultural skills through exploratory and relationship-focused activities. From Customer Service skills to Public Transportation, language learners practice what matters to them.

We'll make your dream of teaching English overseas a reality. We'll place in a trusted school and provide you support while you're there. You can even get a Certificate while you're teaching!
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